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Giana’s Return v1.10 for Mac OS X PPC released!

Xavier got his hands on a Mac OS X PPC device and this resulted into a fresh port of Giana’s Return to Mac OS X PPC! Thanks Xavier!

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GIGA Games: Giana’s Return got a 5 Star rating

GIGA Games gave our game five stars out of five :) Thanks a lot.

Giana’s Return downloaden

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Giana’s Return v1.10.2.1 for OpenPandora released!

Giana’s Return has been ported by our team member Pickle, long ago and brought to life on the OpenPandora. Notaz, who can be considered a new Retroguru member, will help out in little things, when his time allows this. So with the main work of Pickle and a recompilation followed by a small checkup by Notaz, we are very proud to announce that Giana’s Return is now up to the very latest release, introducing important changes such as minor graphics improvements. Thanks Pickle and thanks Notaz!

Notaz should be known to most people, as he is the guy behind Ginge and doing lots of other crazy stuff. Welcome Notaz! Check out his page at

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Giana’s Return v1.10 for Dingoo A320 OpenDingux released!

The long outdated Dingoo port of Giana’s Return (v0.99.x) has been finally updated by Artur Rojek and works flawless on OpenDingux now. Who would have ever thought that we get an update ! We hope there are at least a few people out here who still enjoy playing their Dingoo A320.

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Giana’s Return v1.10.2 for Raspberry Pi released!

Vanafel updated Giana’s Return for Raspberry Pi to remove a library issue few users had. If you were not able to run Giana’s Return on your RPi, please try now.

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The Little Things in Life II

Last 24 hours to help our graphics artist Simon Butler to realize his dream of creating a children book, funded via Kickstarter! If you loved his graphics in Giana’s Return, Sqrxz, Sqrxz 2, Sqrxz 3 and Sqrxz 4, you might want to give him a helping hand! (koj)

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Giana’s Return v1.10.1 for Raspberry Pi released!

Vanafel updated the Raspberry Pi port of Giana’s Return to be even more efficient! The scaling code moved from Dispmanx to GLES2 so the game now features a nice vertex/fragment shader simulating scanlines that gives the game an intended Amiga look! Thanks Vanafel!

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The Little Things in Life

Simon Butler, who was part of the Giana’s Return graphics team, started his own little project. It’s a children book named “The Little Things in Life” and is currently active on Kickstarter for the next four weeks! Kindly have a look at his project and consider donating to his project!

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Giana’s Return v1.10 for Playstation Portable (PSP) released!

Dear friends of Giana’s Return, Dear PSP owners! Thor has been heavily debugging code to bring us a PSP port of Giana’s Return! It’s now available in the download section. Thanks Thor for your hard work!

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Giana’s Return v1.10 for Raspberry Pi released!

In order to celebrate the growth of the Retroguru family with our latest member Manuel Alfayate and the recent release of the Raspberry Pi 2… here is Giana’s Return Raspberry Pi! It’s an initial release and premiere for this platform! Thanks Manuel!

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