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Where is v1.0?

Uhm… well… yes… soon :)



Bye, Bye, Twitter!

As almost no one of the team uses Twitter, we decided to deactivate the Giana’s Return Twitter Account – please either follow us via our homepage or Facebook.



Downloads disabled!

As we are (very) slowly preparing for the v1.0 release, the downloads of v0.999 are disabled!



v1.0 finalized, Ports in progress!

Giana’s Return v1.0 is now reality, but not yet in the wild. Our loyal and helpful porters are going to update their branches, so we can release the game for various systems at once.



Status Update (16-11-2010)

The beta test so far: Four minimalistic bugs, easy to fix.



Status Update (13-11-2010)

Finally the Joypad/Joystick configuration issues are history! Mulle will be on vacation from his office next week so we will have another run to discover bugs and other possible problems.

If everything goes straight, Giana’s Return v1.0 will be out within the next 4-6 weeks (or earlier).

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Status Update (08-11-2010)

The blog isn’t updated that often recently, but the team is still alive and still working on v1.0. The ingame configuration option keeps Thor busy, Mulle is retesting the whole game and Kojote is fixing minor things here and there. As soon as there is something interesting, we will update the blog again.



v1.0 testing news

We are going to add options to v1.0 – so the public release will take another bit of time. You will be able to have in-game volume controls plus  button/key configuration. After all v1.0 should be looking good :)



Testing of v1.0 in progress!

With the recent modifications to the levels and the addition of four new ingame baddies plus the palette fixing for the ingame graphics, we have to test the whole game again. This might take a while, but should get the game finally to v1.0. Two levels in the last world which were critizized to be unfair and too hard, got a minor change to make them easier.



The smell of AROS!

Frank and Yannick were working together to get an AROS port of Giana’s Return done. They succeeded and everything runs smooth. As we will be releasing an update of Giana’s Return in the next few weeks, we would like to keep the AROS port back and release it once the new changes are implemented.



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