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Operator and Kojote will meet up for a final discussion on the soundtrack. Most likely the result is overall great and the final soundtrack will finally remain final. – More news after the meeting!



The story about the quality and the december release

As we are perfectionists, we MIGHT take few more days than thought.

Anyway… we still wish everyone happy christmas days, for those who celebrate.

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Soundtrack is done and final!

Both of our music artists, Alexander Oldemeier and David Wuttke, have sent in their part of the game music. We consider the sound track as 99% completed.

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News from Spellbound

We’ve got mail from Spellbound today… we can’t go too much into detail but basically they want to see a current beta version and then decide which platforms we can serve, without having any kind of conflicts.

We see this as positve sign, they really care about us :) Otherwise they would have probably just ignored us.

Thanks Mr. S for taking time for us! It’s much appreciated!



Dead bees in the sky…

… but they wont fall down or disappear ;)

One of the more obscure bugs which came with the fresh beta version :D At least we had a good laugh ;)

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Motivating our most important men! ;)

Dear “Coder” :)

You are doing a great job at the moment and the team appreciates the time you spend in finetuning things… keep it going and we will rock the “release” party :)

Merci bocu!

@for the rest: guess the nationality of our coder :) – too bad it’s so obvious now :D



World 6 Development Going On

We got a brandnew graphics set for World 6, which repelaced the older one we had – and it’s thousand percent worth it. Level 1 of World 6 has been redesigned and finalized today, but we are pretty unsure if it’s too difficult or not. Let’s see what our betatester is telling us! Screenshots will follow some time…



Giana’s Return GBA – oh no, more WIP

Widdy is pretty restless these days, not does he have a fulltime job, no he is also continously working on the GBA version of Giana’s Return which is actually a fully from zero recoded engine.

In yesterdays WIP built Giana was able to collect diamonds and as the GBA screen resolution is a bit smaller than what it was originally developed for, Giana has a sort of spy look, allowing her to check things without actually moving somewhere.

We’ll keep you updated :D

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Font Galore!

We are currently experimenting with “new” fonts as we thought the old ones are ugly. Also the fifth boss is close to completion, just minor attacks are left to integrate.

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Giana’s Return GBA Update

It’s pretty amazing what Widdy did with his “study”. Giana’s Return GBA is already pretty far.

Giana's Return GBA 08.12.2008

For now the GBA version does the following:
* Tile collision
* Supports all three jump types and Giana is walking (animated)
* Background
* Plays music in the background



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