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Uncovering Lava-World Boss


As promised here is another enemy which you will have to defeat, tomorrow we are going to uncover one more enemy but that’s it then… you have to face the rest yourself while playing the game ;)



Uncovering Endboss for the Valley-World

Boss 2?

It’s the last christmas day, so we are going to uncover one more endboss. It’s a not too nice stone-golem :) On 31st December 2006 and 1st January 2007 we are going to uncover one more endboss.

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Dreamcast Version currently stalled…

Some people think that they can just do what they want, even if we don’t want them to do that. After all the Gianas-Return Team holds the copyright for Gianas Return and we can decide where the game is going to be published or not.

The affected people will know who they are… We hope you have reached your goal by not accepting our wishes.



Uncovering Endboss for the Desert-World

Here we go…

Endboss 5 or 6 can't remember right now :)

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Sidenote regarding the old Blog entries

We had a backup of the old blog entries but it would be a too big mess to put them back in the new database due to a completly different database structure compared to the old database. We should look forward and hope most of you will agree :)

During nighttime we will uncover another endboss, so stay tuned ;)

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Uncovering Endboss for the Cave-World

What would be a cave world without a cavemen? ;) Below you see resized and color reduced version of the caveworld endboss. The enemy is fully animated including 2 attacks and considered as finished – It’s currently beeing merged into the game. Kudos to Wizzard who is drawing the boss graphics!

Endboss 3



Huh! It’s raining!

Huh! It's raining!

Something liquid from the top… ;)



Development stuck :(

The second posting already starts with a small desaster. Our coder is on vacation till 5th January – not too bad you might think, but the project organizer is on vacation from 4th January till 9th February.

The news are not _that_ bad, as everyone has his schedule and things will keep on rolling.

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Gianas-Return Blog is back!

The Gianas-Return Team is back!

Unfortunatly the server move took longer than expected and Kojote had to deal with plenty of Linux configurations first to make the server do what it should do ;)

Anyway… we are back, news will follow in a bit!

The Gianas-Return Team

PS: We have been back for around one minute and already had a comment from “fruchtkistl” that we are pretending to be fake… guys can’t you just wait till we did the configuration shit? ;)

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