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Happy New Year 2008

Dear Giana-Fans!

The whole Giana’s Return Team whises you a successful and happy year 2008!

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and the story goes on…

we tried it again with our “tile adjust” gfx artist. the tileset for the cave world is now in pre-final stage, same applies for the first stage of the cave world! expect a preview screenshot the next days, and if everything goes well another video teaser, this time of world 3.



Happy XMAS!

Happy XMAS to everyone! News regarding Giana will follow after new year, so far, enjoy the holidays with your family and keep on rocking!

Giana’s Return Team

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Heavy drawback… :|

Things are not going well in life, we all know this situation…

Today there was another major drawback in the development history of Giana’s Return. The new graphic artist, who was supposed to do the tile-adjustments to match the themes in each world has been kicked by the project organizer.

Obviously the graphic artist took more work than he can handle, which slowed down everything. Also the fact a professional not taking backups of his harddisk, having a crash and then asking for a partitial resent of important files doesn’t make the best impression.

Considering we don’t want to have too many different graphics guys working on them, due to keeping a constant style, we are basically at zero again.

Life sucks…




Dear visitors,

as some of you might have recognized the Giana’s Return webpage was offline for almost 20 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Everything should be back to normal!

The Gianas-Return Team



Do we love comment-spam?

Actually we don’t, this is why we run a special plugin and the status is quite shocking… “Akismet has caught 9,859 spam for you since you first installed it.”

Enough side-gossip for now ;) We’ll go back to Giana business…




…there are currently two slow down factors… the sound fx and the gfx retouching.

But there are not only bad news ;) Our coder is working on the end-boss routines,which is also quite important

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A little good-morning story!

It’s tuesday morning and the project organizer is feeding the blog again, not quite sure why, but I do ;) Anyway… before we start with some non-sense gossip, here is the current status:

  • The snow -world is not yet fully converted, two levels are missing.
  • The coding goes well, the bugtracker is getting emptier and emptier day by day.
  • The handdrawn level background graphics are complete now
  • The storyline is not fully drawn yet, expect progress around new-year when everyone of us is having free days.
  • There are no news about the Sound-FX, seems operator is busy with his studies.
  • We started to re-shape the cave world – Everyone is provided with instructions already. If it’s ready… be sure to visit youtube again ;)

Only 4 worlds to go for a final version, let’s hope for the best!



Blogging break…

…the blog will be put on hold for a week or so – we do have news, but blogging consumes time, which we better should put in the game itself. If there is any major breaktrough, then we will let you know for sure.

Expect a progress report around Sunday/Monday night!

The Gianas-Return-Team



Teaser Video – World 2, Level 2

Can be found here:

Happy discussion!



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