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Giana goes iPhone?

ZodTTD has showed interest in making a port of Giana’s Return to the iPhone once it’s done. Of course this will depend on his schedule and on the public demand.




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  1. It’s official. I would love to see some more support of this awesome project. Bringing it to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch will give this game a wider appeal too.

    Be sure to show your support as well.

    Great job devs! :)

  2. Oh yeah!!

    that would be soooo cooool!!!

  3. Blasphemy! Back in the days of the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, Apple computers were the enemy! Haha, joking aside, it sounds like a cool idea. Personally, I would love to see it on Nintendo DS or WiiWare. :)

  4. @Insidious:
    Can we provide Freeware via WiiWare? ;) We wonder if Nintendo would accept that… LOL

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