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WIZ Release next week!

We hope to be ready for the Wiz release by end of next week. We’ve spotted a small bug, which needs further investigation, so this drops back a bit.

A Win32 release is planed for mid/end of August.




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    I say it again = I can’t wait to play this GAME !

    When the game is released to all plattforms , I hope it be more Extra levels :-)

    The Giana Sisters on C64 is still great to.

  2. Nice !

    Any news about an “old” GP2X F100 and F200 release ?

    Bye and thanks for your hard work ! Magic Sam

  3. A Win32 release is planed for mid/end of August.

    Thats nice

  4. i hope the release for linux will be also planed for august.

    and a dreamcast version would be a dream ;)

  5. I have to hurry to finish the webdesign of Giana’s Return O_O

  6. Glad to hear about the Win32 release, because other than the GBA version, I have no other ways to play it.

  7. […] Giana’s Return is an impressive sequel to the classic platformer Giana Sisters for the C64 back in the days. The game will be released in August according to this Post. […]

  8. Woooooooooooooha giana is back
    great news

    How about for old tims sake
    Do A AMIGA OS4 release


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