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Giana’s Return v0.99.6 – WIN32 (Hotfix)

v0.99.6 is a bugfix release – For now it’s only available for Windows. WIZ and GP2x update to follow the next few days. It’s NOT recommended to download the WIZ and GP2x version at this time, as bugs make the game incompleteable!

Changes so far:

* Fixed screen shakes at bosses (cosmetic fix)
* Getting a powerup at a dissolveable bridge should temporary stop the bridge from crumbling away
* Jumping behavior is back to “normal” again, this should solve several issues intruduced with v0.99.5.
* Fixed owl moving behaviour in Level 32
* Fixed positioning bug after bonus cave in Level 45
* WIZ / GP2x – Fixed scripting bug, which left things in the RAM instead of freeing it.




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  1. THANX !! forever we love Giana’s Return :-)

  2. Einfach nur toll das Game, aber könntet ihr noch ein Optionsmenü für die Tastenbelegungen einbauen, würde gern mit einer anderen Taste springen.

  3. […] the release of version 0.995 that has already taken care of many different issues the next version 0.996 was released just a few days […]


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