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Uncovering Lava-World Boss


As promised here is another enemy which you will have to defeat, tomorrow we are going to uncover one more enemy but that’s it then… you have to face the rest yourself while playing the game ;)




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  1. Very nice! Is that a kind of shield around the gecko-monster? I’m anxious to see these monster animated.

  2. It is a temporary shield… and if you want to see everything animated… you’ll have to wait or hack my computer ;)

  3. why your monsters are brown ???
    the version for dreamcast comes now???

  4. @ Ced: these endbosses are color reduced. At the game you see it coloured.

    @ Kojote: gimme you IP, shutdown your firewall and I’ll steal your nice datas. To wait is not the answer :P

  5. Hi there. Great to see more of these awesome boss designs! Kudos to your sprite artist!

    PS: I seem not to be able to send you an email. Is webmaster at still valid ?


  6. Having DNS problems… and with today off for vacation and not reachable for the next 5 weeks.


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