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Giana’s Return v1.0 (GP2x, Wiz, Caanoo, Pandora, Amiga OS4, AROS, MorphOS, NetBSD)

It was about time to get v1.0 out, unfortunately a bit later than expected, but well… here we go! :)

Updated ports: GP2x, Wiz, Pandora, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, NetBSD
New initial ports: Caanoo, AROS

Other ports should be updated erm… well… soon :)


– Several palette fixes for all tilesets
– Various other smaller cosmetic graphics fixes
– Four new ingame baddies
– The levels are now 40 pixels higher and “fullscreen” on 320×240 devices
– Modified trainer (hidden)
– Modified two levels in the last world to make them easier
– Fixed minor slipping bug when a bridge is crumbling and Giana stands stil
– Added configuration menu:
* Music volume control
* SFX volume control
* Key configuration (where keyboard available)
* Joypad/Joystick configuration (where external joypad/joystick available)

* Please report any bugs you spot! It will help us to improve the game!
* Donations are welcome :)
* Join us on Facebook!




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  1. Wie schaut es mit der 1.0 Windows Version aus ?

  2. Hi, thanks for the nice game!
    I downloaded the Ubuntu version, but I can’t figure out how to make it fullscreen. Windowed mode on an 1440×900 screen sucks? How do you make it fullscreen?

  3. Windows users :(

    wait and wait and wait and wait……..

  4. when will 1.0 come for mac!? by the way, the old version for mac does not seem to be working at all…

  5. @Chris: Vermutlich morgen (4.1.2011)
    @Panic: use “-fs”
    @Night_Creature: … ;)
    @sam: Anti, the maintainer of the MacOSX port is a busy lad, so no idea. Might take a few weeks or months. You require at least MacOSX v10.6 to get the game working.

  6. @Chris, @Gianas-Return Team & @Night_Creature: Ah, what the heck. One-day delay won’t make any difference if the port is worth it.

  7. Thanks for a very impressive piece of work. Would an Android version (with touch controls) be totally impossible?

  8. @Peter: We would love to see an Android version, but this is not possible at the moment as we promised the copyright holders to stay away from current living operating systems, beside a few minor exceptions.

  9. @Gianas-Return Team: That’s a reasonable promise. How about a build to Homebrew Wii then? It is a living platform, but still homebrew.

    The DS (and iPhone) version of the official game released last year is by the way fantastic. They should make it available on WiiWare or even better PSN :-)

  10. I see that 1.0 for Windows is out.
    Vielen Dank! :)

  11. I am experiencing some minor music distortions while playing first levels.
    Also, the “Noo…!” sound after testing fire’s warmth ;) seems to be missing (as compared to v0.999 Win32).

    Sorry for dumping this information here but I couldn’t find any other suitable place for it. Do you have any bugtracker or at least some form to place complaints, (er, I mean “bug reports” ;) ) to?

  12. @Darkwords: 1.0 for Win32 and Ubuntu is semi public. As you may have seen, it is still not announced on the main page. We’ve looked into your report. Can you re-download the WIN32 package and let us know if problems are still present? Thanks in advance!

  13. Is there a x64 build for Linux avail?

  14. @Gianas-Return Team: I’ve just finished some playing (got to 14th world and aborted).
    So far so good – the music plays as it should, “Giana’s last breath” sample is back and my cheap USB joypad works like a charm (which makes playing the game twice as pleasant).

    I’ve noticed only one glitch – after few minutes of playing (using joypad) my laptop’s screen went half-bright (which obviously indicates some power saving routines kicking in). However, further playing didn’t result in disabling the screen.
    After detecting any mouse or keyboard activity everything went back to normal. I bet that this problem is caused by my instance of Windows 7 (after one abrupt power outage switching power plans stopped working for some reason) but I thought that you should know about it :)


  15. The AmigaOS4 arcive is broken,only 92 595 bytes

  16. @owl: The archive is perfectly fine. Little bit over 8MB, please try to use a download manager.
    @John: Now there is ;) (Ubuntu build, no idea if it works on any other penguin OS’es)
    @Darkwords: Thanks for looking. The other issue might be a power management thing on your side, where we don’t have influence.

  17. is there a chance to Port this to older system to Amiga like Os 2.1 ,3.0 ,3.1 ,3.5 ,3.9 ?????

  18. @Night_Creature: Sure, give us a coder ;)

  19. GP2X version still crashes with major sound issues (F200 4.0.0)

  20. Hello!

    I try 32bit Ubuntu version, but i can’t run on full screen-mode, only windowed. If i start it from console, run with full screen, but just a little square on center of screen. How can I run it on full screen, with full width/height?

    Thanks, Great project!..

  21. I tried to run it in my GP2X-F200 4.1.1 and it either freezes or quits when I reach the final menu page.


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