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Giana’s Return v1.0 (Windows 32bit, Ubuntu 32bit)

Windows and Ubuntu ports are now officially up to date :) Enjoy!




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  1. AVG Free 2011 Detects a Malware with Windows 32bits edition and block it.

  2. Then you may complain to AVG, not us ;)

  3. AVG don’t block it , if you choose correct , when Avg ask.

  4. AVG might have a problem with the compressed .exe – wouldn’t be the first time :)

  5. While I’m trying to unpact the archive with the game, I’m getting the message than the archive is corrupted and I can’t unpack it. I’m using the WINRAR program.

  6. Play this with an 19″ LCD screen it looks ugly,

    is there some ways, I can get this game looks better ??

  7. @Serd: Use a download manager to get the file.
    @Night_Creature: The game is optimized for 320×240 devices, not for xxxx x xxxx :)

  8. Q: How to activate the hidden/secret trainer?
    A: If we would tell you, it would not be secret anymore, right? Let’s give you a hint: You can activate the trainer only in Level 1, while hitting boxes with a defined view, either face to the left or right. Once Giana’s Return reaches v1.0 we might uncover the secret
    Please Uncover the Secret! PLEASE!

  9. Yesterday I played the Giana’s Return again with this update and found it VERY GREAT ! , I saw some new graphics and so :-)

    the only thing I not agree with this game is the speed on the Powerup/fireball she Shoot, should be more like from the old Giana Sisters , more jumping and forward-Speed.

    Anyway this is magic , Many Thanx..

  10. ehh why is the ubuntu version in .zip format o_O
    should it not be .deb?

  11. This example is for 32bit file ‘giana_ubuntu32’. For 64bit take the file ‘giana_ubuntu64’.
    1. Download the zip folder and store it on your computer, e.g. in ~/Downloads.
    2. Unzip the data stuff to the folder you like to, e.g. ‘/opt/gianasreturn-1.0’. You can use the package ‘unzip’ or another one.

    user@name:~$ sudo mkdir /opt/gianasreturn-1.0
    [sudo] password for user:
    user@name:~$ cd ~/Downloads
    user@name:~/Downloads$ sudo unzip -d /opt/gianasreturn-1.0

    3. Change the file mode bits, so that the file can be explored.

    user@name:~/Downloads$ cd /opt/gianasreturn-1.0 && ls
    user@name:/opt/gianasreturn-1.0$ sudo chmod +x giana_ubuntu32

    4. Explore the file via shell and enjoy it.

    user@name:/opt/gianasreturn-1.0$ cd ~
    user@name:~$ xterm -e ‘cd /opt/gianasreturn-1.0 && ./giana_ubuntu32 -fs # the fs option is for fullscreen mode)
    user@name:~$ xterm -e ‘cd /opt/gianasreturn-1.0 && ./giana_ubuntu32 -fs’


    You can use the order
    xterm -e ‘cd /opt/gianasreturn-1.0 && ./giana_ubuntu32 -fs’
    even for a starter on the desktop or an entrance in the main menu. That looks complicated, but the programme is a little buggy in this way: all paths are relative to the current directory. The xterm detour does not care about that.

    6. (not necessary!) Another way is to write a little shell script. Open your editor (for example ‘gedit’).

    The gedit file should look like this:

    cd /opt/gianasreturn-1.0
    ./giana_ubuntu32 -fs

    Save it as ‘~/’.
    Go back to the shell.

    user@name:~$ gedit
    (gedit:3289): Bonobo-WARNING **: Bonobo must be initialized before use

    Move the file to your gianas folder and change the file mode bits

    user@name:~$ sudo mv ~/ /opt/gianasreturn-1.0/
    user@name:~$ sudo chmod +x /opt/gianasreturn-1.0/

    Run the script

    user@name:~$ /opt/gianasreturn-1.0/

    6. You can use the order
    even for a starter on the desktop or an entrance in the main menu.

    Thanks to “VC1581”!!!

  12. The Ubuntu-32 version is still buggy. When I switch to the fullscreen mode (and that happens only with giana), my pc is crashing and must be rebooted.
    I mostly noticed this bug, when I had started Giana once before. Maybe the programme doesn’t finish completely.
    It would be nice, if you fixed it.

  13. And yes, a *.deb package or even a Personal Package Archive would be great!

  14. The fullscreen mode bug (s. comm. 12) will be also existing, if Giana’s is getting started in the first instance. It seems to work better with root, but that is not satisfactoring because: a. it will not be preferable to run a file with root, if it is not necessary; b. it is sometimes possible to start the file without root; c. I have not tested, if it is always possible to start it with root or if it is may-be crashing even so.

  15. No, sudo doesn’t change anything. It’s as buggy with sudo as buggy without.


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