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A little good-morning story!

It’s tuesday morning and the project organizer is feeding the blog again, not quite sure why, but I do ;) Anyway… before we start with some non-sense gossip, here is the current status:

  • The snow -world is not yet fully converted, two levels are missing.
  • The coding goes well, the bugtracker is getting emptier and emptier day by day.
  • The handdrawn level background graphics are complete now
  • The storyline is not fully drawn yet, expect progress around new-year when everyone of us is having free days.
  • There are no news about the Sound-FX, seems operator is busy with his studies.
  • We started to re-shape the cave world – Everyone is provided with instructions already. If it’s ready… be sure to visit youtube again ;)

Only 4 worlds to go for a final version, let’s hope for the best!




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  1. “Snow world is not yet fully converted…” I assume you mean with this, that they are not converted yet to the new graphics? Since it indicates there were some original levels already present… Anyway, I can’t wait to see more, keep it up, guys. Sounds like you are more organized than most indie developers so far :)

  2. Indeed we mean this ;) As the tileset has changed, the objects in the levels need to be readjusted – may it be walls or other things. Also the size of the levels has been extended, they are now around one and a half screen larger (approx 400 pixel wider).


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