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Interview about Giana’s Return

Kojote, our project organizer, got interviewed by Retro Hunter about Giana’s Return at the demoparty Revision 2011 (at 10:00).

Have fun :)




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  1. It’s like you’re speaking a foreign language or something.

  2. Hello! T’his game is wonderful! It’s very fun!

  3. What happened to a Hard’N’Heavy remake? I love it, since it’s pretty much the same as Giana Sisters 2 with graphical changes (CURSE YOU, NINTENDO!).

  4. @Ross: Good things take time and some things may never come at all. We shall see :)

  5. Hi! My name is Laia.Fori and I have 12 years old.
    I live in Spain, so forgive me for my English…
    I liked your game and I finished, and I go to the list of high scores.
    I liked!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I enjoy it on the Dingoo a lot. Also posted a short thankyou in the Dingoonity-thread on Giana´s Returns. It´s such a lovely game and captures the spirit of the original C64 one. All the best!


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