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Happy 30th birthday Commodore 64!

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of our good old C64 machine.

For this reason our beta tester Mulle unpacked und plugged his C64. He shot some pictures and published it on Facebook. Like, share & comment! ;-)




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  1. Please share this Project Giana!

  2. The new Giana looks so awesome, thats why i finally want to play through Gianas Return. Sadly, there is no Fullscreen Option for Mac or Linux Version of this game. So its practically unplayable :(

  3. Hi :)

    As soon as the new Wii U is out, will you port Giana’s Return to the good ol’ Wii ? It’s a nice homebrew plateform ( with an existing SDL port (

    Bye, and thanks !

    Magic Sam

  4. @Guzilli: Try commandline -fs for fullscreen.
    @Magic Sam: Short answer: No Wii version will be ever made for reasons already mentioned 100 times :)

  5. Hi,

    @ Team: sorry for my silly question about a possible Wii port… ;)

    I Just discovered the classic Amiga version of SQRXZ on, AMAZING WORK GUYS (works perfectly on Minimig) !!! Is there even a small chance that you also port Giana’s Return to classic ?

    Bye, and many thanks !

    Magic Sam

  6. @Team: Then how about a GameCube port? I have the required knowledge and would be glad to create it!
    The only reason – i can think of – to disallow it, is the backward compatibility of the Wii, but this makes it essentially a GC as it only allows GC peripherals then.

    Thanks for this game and best regards,
    Infact (gamecube homebrewer)

  7. Where are promised secrets? Giana’s facebook account have over 500 likes at facebook already…

  8. Hi,

    Did you tried to build Giana’s Return with SDL 2.x ? Would there be any performance improvements ?

    Bye, Magic Sam


    this project look´s great


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