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Giana’s Return – returns for sure, but when?!

Dear Giana Sisters enthusiasts,

Working on a sequel of such a famous game as “The Great Giana Sisters” is not an easy task. We have heared many comments up to now and most of you might still remember the public Versions of Giana’s Return v0.91 for GP32, Dreamcast and Windows (32-Bit). Most people are happy to see the progress, some just feel ashamed that we are touching an alltime classic and trying to put it in a new shape. As the team itself is very addicted to those kind of games, let us assure you, that we do our best to keep the faith of the original.

The current progress is in a stage, where everything is fully playable but needs a lot of graphical adjusting and level retouching. Our betatester Mulle, a kind and helping hand from Germany, has already put a lot of time into the game, by testing details. The game wont be out tomorrow, neither in a month – but we will not abandon anything.

The storyline is complete and currently beeing added to the engine, same applies for the illustrated story. The tile adjusting will require some more time, so far 4 tilesets are adjusted, this makes 3 sets left.

The rough final should be ready by end of this quarter, we will use the second quarter of 2008 to iron out and fix details – of course this timeline is rough and only applies if nothing bad happens.

To raise your mood and get the time of waiting a bit reduced, here are the links to the three videos, posted on youtube.

World 1 in action:
World 2 in action:
World 3 in action:

A new video of the lava world should be up in the next two weeks. For everyone who was in the dark about the “release date”, now you have more background information.

Yours Giana’s Return Team




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  1. Thx for the compliment, but for this reason I’ll not kiss your feet :D

  2. i am eager to see this reborn game! this was one of my first (but most loved) games ever, i can still basically walk througly it blind folded..

    it looks really good, but i think the sound need a bit more depth/echo/effect/whatever, it sounded a bot flat judged from the utube video.

  3. better to wait for a high quality product than to have a buggy game …

    it’s done when it is done :D

  4. Toardward, a adeptly waiter for upcoming reto games :D

  5. Yeah really remembers me to my old good giana sister disk for my c64

  6. This looks definately nice and I’m really looking forward for the release!

    BTW: I have put quite a time in a Giana Worlds 2 engine, maybe we can join forces for a high quality PC release. Here is my video contribution to the giana scene:


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