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Giana’s Return v1.10 for MacOS X released!

Thanks to Indiket, we do have an massively updated port of Giana’s Return for Mac OS X now (x86, >= v10.5 required). The previous available v0.99.7c has been now updated to the latest v1.10 which comes with tons of improvements. Thanks again Indiket!


Changelog for v1.10 (November 2014)
General changes:
– Retroguru branded as we have created few more games in the meantime ;-)
– Added thanks to Spellbound/Blackforest Games for using their trademark
– Updated graphics from Simon, thUg and Flarfy
– Adjusted SFX (Thanks Wiklund!)
– Minor rearrangement of bonus caves, which makes them easier visible now
– Minor level design fixes
– Few bug fixes
– Other stuff we can’t remember…

Changelog for v1.001
General changes:
– Transparency fix for bonus caves and world 3

Changelog for v1.0
General changes:
– Several palette fixes for all tile sets
– Various other smaller cosmetic graphics fixes
– Four new ingame baddies
– The levels are now 40 pixels higher and “fullscreen” on 320×240 devices
– Modified trainer (hidden)
– Modified two levels in the last world to make them easier
– Fixed minor slipping bug when a bridge is crumbling and Giana stands stil
– Added configuration menu:
* Music volume control
* SFX volume control
* Key configuration (where keyboard available)
* Joypad/Joystick configuration (where external joypad/joystick available)

Changelog for v0.999
General changes:
– Extra credit screen to mention that we use Open-Source projects such as
SDL, SDL_Mixer, libmodplug and zlib!
– Only tracked music remains in the game, the “OGG” solution has been dropped.
– Code is plain C now and should be even easier to port
– Plenty of “endian” fixes
– Various small fixes
– Modified “timings”
Computer Versions only:
– Experimental OGL support, to be activated with -ogl or -hd on desktop

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