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Status January 22nd 2008

As promised here is a small roundup of the current standings.

We hopefully finalized the levels of world 1 to world 3, the last adjustments we did, were to have equal enemies, instead of having them mixed up all over the game. This adds some kind of “system” and should let the game appear more professional. While we were working on this task, we added way more enemies to the playing field. The game is slightly harder, but nothing is impossible. Considering we gave Giana a nice and proper energy bar, there will be definatly use for it now.

The level designer is playing with his mind to add another few extra levels. There would be an extra level for world 1 and 2 already, but it’s unsure if it will make it into the main game. (This one is even new to the coder *grin*)

Another thing our coder was working on, we now have foreground and background tiles, but… to keep the game at  decent difficulty, only objects such as the gras in world 1 and the mini-mushrooms in world 3 will stay “in front” of Giana.

The graphics guy, who is responsible for the tileset readjustments is waiting for his next job – but the depressed organizer somehow can’t make it, to send him the next steps. See this positive or negative :)

The promised “Lava-World” video will be delayed to the corrupt graphics files, we need to find a proper intact pre-version of it first.

As you can see, things are rolling more or less.

Your Giana’s Return Team




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  1. …keep rollin´, rollin´, rollin´ :D

  2. – Freeware ?
    – OS ? (Win,Lin,Mac) ?
    – Resolution ?


  3. The game will be freeware, of course :)

    There will be ports to all major OS’es (Win32, Win64, Linux, MacOS, plenty of handhelds and consoles)

    Resolution, 320×200 – the game has been particulary developed for handheld devices.

    Hope that helps :)

  4. MacOS/X, great!
    Excellent work!



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