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Sound FX update!

We had the honor to catch our musician today and he is ready to make Sound FX for the game. First results should be out in 2-4 weeks. As he has to write his master degree work, he will be busy for the next two months – after that, he can fully concentrate on finalizing music, soundfx and jingles!

Good luck, operator!




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  1. Personally I would love to hear the Jump sounds from the C64 version:

    Atm you guys are using the ones from the Amiga version, which sound not anywhere near as cool:

  2. Personally we want to have our own SFX ;)

    BTW You should check your spam folder, I gave an answer to one of your mails almost 2 weeks ago now.

  3. Thanks a lot, I got your email. Will reply as soon as time permits.

    – Regarding the SFX: Maybe you can do your own Jump SFX but still keep it somewhat reminiscent of the C64 version ? That would be great I think.


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