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Project status…

The organizer and the coder were catching a flu the past week. Both are almost recovered, but now the coder has gone on vacation for around one month.

In the meantime he fixed minor problems, basically details.

Something else which just came to our attention is this:

Seems someone gained the permission for an official Giana’s Sister PC sequel,
which brings up the question if the word of the trademark owner is still vaild
and we can still release Giana’s Return. In worst case, we just rename the 2 girls
and change the titlescreen musix remix.

Anyone got more info on that sequel/remake?




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  1. Yeah that came out a couple years ago its like a flash popcap game or something and i dont know who owns it but i believe its a homebrew commercial game

  2. Na und Eure version ist 1000% besser !!Ich warte lieber auf die Dreamcast version!
    Eventuell ist das das gleiche nur ohne Editor

  3. well this is one of the earliest version, which were still for dos and where rainer sinsch was the main coder


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