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* Operator is working on the music these days
* The GFX artist has delivered a cleaned up world 4
* Levels of world 4 should be adjusted by end of this week
* We are working on a “hidden” ingame surprise




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  1. Thanks for the quick update. Good to see you’re making good progress lately! Can’t wait, as all of us watching this site daily….

    Oh, and I’m still willing to make the dutch translations for you, just as a reminder.

  2. We decided to drop the excessive multi-language idea and will stick with “Deutsch”, “English” and “Francaise” only.

    Everyone of the team members is somehow having one of those languages as mother tongue, that way we can be sure the quality will stay as it is.

    No offense to everyone who wanted to help, but it will simplyfy many things for us. We suppose many people can handle one of those 3 world languages.


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