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Too many levels?

Our beta-tester Mulle complained recently, that 8 levels per world might be really too much. Our main intention was to stick with 6 levels only… Do you think 8 levels per world are too much?

56 Levels (not counting in the boss fights) might be indeed a little bit too much for a Jump’n’Run… Give us your opinion!




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  1. Hello! Please do not remove any levels! I’m waiting for each of them:)

  2. Are you kidding? The more levels the merrier! Don’t take anything away. :(

  3. 8 levels per world are not too much !


  5. indeed – if you can, please put more in :)

  6. So then… I wasn’t right ;) Meantime Kojote tells on this blog about 2 music tracks per world. So then it’s diversify and the 8 levels per world are not too much.

  7. 8 Levels per World is definitely not too much- go for it!

  8. 8 levels per world sounds great! I don’t think that this would be to much so please don’t remove them!

  9. Das kann man sehr elegant lösen: TELEPORTER! ;)
    Falls man die findet, kann man dann einige Level überspringen, sowas ist sehr empfehlenswert bei mehr als 3 Leveln pro Welt, for allem für so ungeduldige Zocker wie mich :D.

  10. There are warpzones already, but first you need to find them ;) They are very well hidden (of course)!

  11. Simply: more levels = better game.

  12. I _hate_ games with too many levels using one graphical theme. It’s the only complaint I have about Sonice the Hedgehog in comparision with Sonic 2.

    “56 Levels (not counting in the boss fights)” using 7 themes is waaay too much for my taste.

    My proposal is an easy mode with the staff’s favorite levels (max. 2 per set not counting boss fights) and a normal mode with the full set. On top of that you could do a ‘Very Easy’ mode with only one level per theme (again not counting boss fights).

    … or just name it “Easy”, “Normal”,

    Easy: 7 levels
    Normal: 14 levels
    Hard: 56 levels

    Always remember: Sometimes less is more. I would take a game with 7 good levels that I would want to play again and again over a game with 56 levels any day.

    I would recommend The Revenge of Shinobi for a reference on what’s possible with only 1 level per theme.


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