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Clearification Dreamcast Version

We have been talking about “stalling” the Dreamcast version, but not cancelling it. There is a hughe difference. Please keep the rumours down – The only fact so far is, that unless last time, the Dreamcast Version won’t be released first.




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  1. That’s right so! There are more Windows users than Dreamcast gamers. Why should then the Dreamcast version releases at first?

  2. Clarification, of comment: I have never played any of your versions of your game. You had already removed .9 from the server by the time I had donated. I donated because I supported your work, but I do get tired of the God complexes of emulator/homebrew authors. Yes, we waiting with baited breath to see your product. Yes it is amazing, but that does not entitle you to dangle it in front of our eyes like a carrot and then snatch it away because of the misdeeds of 1 or 2 people. The dreamcast community is your strongest supporter. Dcemu links all your updates and people keep reading about em and cheering you guys on. You are punishing the majority (the dreamcast community) for the actions of a few (whoever released the fake copy of your software. ) Even if the dreamcast version is only slightly delayed, it is still an unfair and unjust punishment. Maybe thats ok where you are from but it isnt where I am from. THAT is what I am complaining about. Not the fact that I donated money. Read more carefully next time.

  3. Dreamcast Version sollte schon sein… Wartet Papa schon sehns├╝chtig drauf!

  4. Don`t talk about God complexes… everyone is having a very busy real life plus family and kids. even if the dc version is probably not beeing the first this time, it does not mean it`s getting delayed too much. if you do not know anything about the internal backgrounds and whats going on you should not discuss in the public about it. a very high dc homebrew supporter has not respected the teams wish to spread the an old version. if i ignore this fact and say it was ok, others will say there are no consequences so lets do it again. in fact everyone gets punished a little bit, but we keep everything to a normal level. we are not delaying things on purpose as we even would not have time for this.

    the story of this game could allredy fill a complete book. we had many team members comming and going. some people in the team have put a considerable amount of personal money in the project to keep it alive – trust me – the game will be released one day, but in a perfect condition. the whole team has putted to much energy in everything to delay things on purpose.

    if the dc version gets delayed than just slightly – as sign of protest due to not accepting our wishes.

    the cd print version of this game will be btw straight dc bootable. this is how we impress our love to the dc scene.

    calm down, have a cold drink and be sure that the dc version wont be delayed too much.

    tomorrow i will be departuring to lahore pakistan to visit few cd pressing stores, after i am back from pakistan i am getting updated about the project and can also provide information about the cd pressing facilities.

    the cds will be given away for free as goodies for supporting compos etc, if everything goes straight.


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