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Odd thoughts…

As Giana’s Return will feature a storyline, should we add a SPOKEN storyline? This feature would of course blow up the game a lot, but is nothing which would be impossible. As the title says, it’s just an odd thought – depending on the amount of people who like this idea, we might set the according direction.




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  1. I think a vocal narrated storyline would make the game kinda lame in the sense that it would feel more like a fan game. Vocals never really work well in 2D games anyway. Look at how Nintendo butchered their Mario/Zelda ports to the Gameboy Advance with vocals. :P

  2. Err I just mean, it would be more fitting and official sounding if the storyline was just written text that we can read to ourselves. ;)

  3. i think it’s like making a movie out of a book. almost everytime the movie smashed my wonderful fantasies into small pieces… :)

  4. A spoken storyline would not improve the game at all in my opinion.

  5. The above comment was submitted with FireFox, which oddly gave me problems with an other comment a few minutes ago (see my email, Kojote).

    Seems to work now :-)

  6. That can only work if you find a professional voice actor for the voice recording. Preferably in his/her 60s or older.

  7. Don’t.


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