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Manual level converting…

…is a pain. The decision has been made to design newer levels from scratch. This is actually a LOT faster than adjusting old levels. It simply saves time and to be honest, it’s time for a release the next few weeks :)

More stuff:

  • The bugtracker has been heavily filled tonight, mostly it’s just minor adjustment or detail workout, not any real bugs.
  • The name for boss number one has been decided, unfortunatly it was not any of the given ideas in previous posts. Still thanks for all the suggestions, it was much appreciated.
  • Set five (desert) was having a minor changes, our graphic artist is adjusting them the next days.
  • There will be a sort of “semi-public” beta test for World 1 in a few weeks, for more details keep an eye on the blog. Only people who are trustworthy and followed the development for a while, will be qualified for this. Strangers who pop out of nothing now, wont have a chance to lay hand on it.
  • world 5 / stage 1 and stage 2 are fully redesigned and ready for our official beta-tester ;)



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  1. Can I assume the new boss’s name will be just “BIRD”? At least, that’s the name to the left of it’s energy bar in a screenshot further below in the blog ;)

    I can’t wait playing this game, people! Looking forward to it still…

  2. No the boss name is “Crooaa”. The screenshot on the page is a bit old :)


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