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Some Screenshots




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  1. The backgrounds are great! Would you let the diamonds purple? It seems that the world are too purple…

    In other respects it looks generally really awesome!

  2. The Backgrounds looks very cool, but the trees and bushes looks not good for me. Giana has a bad position if she stand. The Legs looks to the Screen and the Head to the right side. Looks like Emerald Mine Player :-)

  3. Wait CoRe: When you see the trees scrolling, you will make eyes! There are backgrounds with different scroll speed. Is that right, Giana-Team?

    I think the stand position of Giana is ok.

  4. Well, the background has a different scroll speed than the level itself (containing bushes). There is only one background layer atm.
    The standing position can look weird but it does not really matter imho.

  5. I like the background GFX. They are very well drawn. I see nothing to redo there. But in the foreground (playfield) the purple stones for Example are a little bit boring. There could be a sort of floor(side) on top or elements between the stones (broken stones or bigger stones…)


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