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Lend us 10 minutes of your time…

No further comment :D
Beside, THANKS MULLE! ;)




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  1. wow, directly to the boss with no life and no energy loss. I’m impressed!
    Boss is too easy, I’ll change that!

  2. i hope you have seen the amount of boni too ;) we should probably increase them :D

  3. Hi there,

    I loved the Giana game on the GP32 – very well made and a good platform game too. Is this for GP2X only? or will it appear on NDS?

    Either way keep up the good work.. old school platform games are hard to come by these days!


  4. Hi there, i’ve just seen the video. It’s really cool, i’m really impressed with the good work you guys are doing. I remember that game back on my old C64 days and it was really cool, it was better than mario in many ways.

    I’m proud to tell the scent of the original is still shown in this remake, you really caught the picture guys.

    You could even include some “real” C64 chiptunes using SID sampling to make a cameo on certain stages. It would be really cool and pleasant.

    Keep it up!!!
    Our DC’s are warming up.

  5. Awesome….
    I’m waiting for the Dreamcast Release…

  6. It’s not needed to increase the amount of boni. Just because I haven’t often hit the bonus blocks. If you hit the most of the bonus blocks within 3 stages, you’ll already get some other boni.

  7. My comments:

  8. Regarding the post found here:

    I think the jump sound effect is fine. if you ask me, the C64 jump sound is very irritating. =รพ

    The music from the original preview video is very fitting for a Giana game. The song in the new video seems more like an underground theme to me… Anyhoo, the game looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it! I can kinda see how the 8 levels per world might be overwhelming or tedious to some, but honestly I’d rather have more than less. You guys did a great job with level design and I want to try out every level you make. :)

  9. I realize I came off very negative in my post @ DCEmulation, but these are the points I think could be improved.

    Still, I am really looking forward to the game.


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