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Disappointing Pre-Beta Test

We’ve handed out two betas to people who seemed reliable, non of them were comming up with the promised beta test yet. This is pretty much disappointing…

Updates might not occour that regular anymore.




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  1. :( Sad times.

  2. H├Ątte auch gern mitgemacht, nur fehlt mir leider die Zeit.

  3. Man thats not cool I would love to Beta Test if need, I would send back tons of info.

  4. im waiting for this very nice game long time so plz give the beta for any good tester thanx much mate

  5. Being affronted because of these four people?!? Are you kidding? Don’t be that childish. I imagine you did the whole work not only for these four but for yourselves or the huge amount of people who are interrested in this game…
    So- come on, don’t be pissed of, keep on working and/or give the beta to some other people…

  6. Im very very sad to hear that. If needed i can help you out 100% and test it. Please take care and thanks for keeping our DC scene alive


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