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Playstation Portable fun!

Our┬ácoder is adjusting the development code so we can get the PSP port done in almost no time :) He done lots of progress the past days in this field…

Keeping the code portable and having a coder capable of keeping things portable is a true pleasure! Of course this might not the best for hard coded speed optimizations, but we want to serve as many systems as possible.

We also have an estaminated release date, but we’ll keep it back, till we are sure we can hold it :)




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  1. just wanted to know if there will be a windows ce port

  2. if we can find a coder for this device, we will for sure do it ;)

  3. What about an NDS port?

  4. has been answered a couple of times already, basically we will port to any machine possible, if the licence holder wont deny it.


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