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Playstation Portable Fun – Part II

Our coder made quite a progress for the PSP version.

Earlier this day he had to fight with memory issues, but he managed to sort out those during the day. Now it’s quite late and we DO HAVE a working PSP version, but it has graphics glitches, minor transparency issues and is a bit slow. Also the controls seem too sensitive for an analogue stick and completly wrong for digital cross usage.

We keep you guys updated!
(at least for the next few days before our organizer and “blog udpater” rushes out for a longtime vacation).




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  1. No more gfx glitches
    Some slowdown remaining (I have to learn psp’s SDL tips)
    Analogue stick fixed :)

  2. I would love to see this released on WiiWare. If not that, then atleast a Wii homebrew release. Heck, even a DS homebrew release would be cool. :)

  3. Super freu mich schon aufs Endergebniss!
    Giana für die PSP für Unterwegs und die Dreamcast version für zu Hause….


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