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Project organizer going on vacation!

Well here comes the biggest delay of this year. Our project organizer is going on longtime vacation.

Actually no one need to worry, because he took all the Giana files with him :)

The status news here on this page will be stalled until end of November, unless other staff members beside the organizer post on their own!




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  1. Don’t worry guys. We (me and the coder) are busy with coding the bosses. There’s also no pause ;)

  2. so you do the PSP port on yourselves?

  3. Well, it’s more like a proof of concept. Their is still a license owner for giana on win32 and the project manager wanted to be sure that a version on an “open” platform could be released.
    The PSP version I’ve done begins to work (still a bit slow in some levels), their is a crash I can’t understand yet, but it’s my first psp port…
    I wont go further for the moment, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work properly once the win32 (dev) version will be finished.

  4. Okay, thanks for the reply. Good luck with the development for the initial release :)


  6. giana ds is just a standalone c64 emulator with the classic the great giana sisters included.


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