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Status Update (02-11-2008)

Okay, here we go again for another status update.

Our main musician Alexander Oldemeier (op3rator) moved over to the UK and is limited in time now, also he does not have any internet at home yet, which makes communication quite difficult. As result of his lack of time he now has support from David Wuttke (am-fm). Both will be finalizing the music the next days. Don’t worry about style differences, there are almost none :) op3rator and am-fm both create excellent chipmusic tracks.

The graphics are comming along, we managed to put Adam Karol (Wizard) back in charge, who already drew the marvellous boss graphics – which everyone of you can enjoy once you manage to reach the end of each of the seven worlds.

While the final graphics are in progress, the level design is put on hold, but this is just a minor part which is done in one or two weekends.

Our coder, who will still stay unnamed for now, is a bit busy at his regular job, but he is motivated to keep on working  while having deadline stress.

The coding of the first two bosses are 100% done and approved by our beta tester Mulle. The next three ones are close of beeing completed and will await our beta tester then.

As you can see everything is going smooth… so we look forward to have a release at 29th or 30th December 2008 .

Currently we are negotiating if we should release for GP2x or PSP first, but that will probably depend on the demand.

After the v0.99 version has been released, we will rely on YOU, the user, to send us bug reports. Once the game is considered as beeing fine and bugfree, we start to port over to other systems such as Dreamcast, Pandora, Wiz and whatever other platforms we can get our hands on.

At the end of November we will send another test version for verification to the guy we all love and who holds the copyright on the trademark name “The Great Giana Sisters” for pre approval. After all he should see everything before anyone else.

Well lets start the big flamewar now… GP2x or PSP?




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  1. Talking about platforms:

    A PS2 Port is now possible, i read that Sony has marked the PS2 as a open platform now ;)

  2. Sure it is :) But we have to start with ONE system first :D

  3. Erst mal braucht meine psp Fitter! ;-)

  4. Psp, please….

  5. Please release it for GP2X first :) Thanks, and keep up the good work !

  6. release it for gp2x first :)

  7. GP2X ! Pleeeeeeaseeeee….

  8. GP2x 3 : 2 PSP

  9. PSP for me.

  10. PSP ganz klar!

  11. GP2X please.

  12. GP2x 4 : 4 PSP

  13. Bitte Release für PSP.

  14. GP2X please!

  15. I only have a Dreamcast, so for me, it doesn´t matter, but I vote for GP2X.

  16. GP2X obviously!

    THE platform for independent games.

    Also let’s skip that PSP thingy and get the DC port ready asap…..please ;)

  17. hello :-)

    will you create amiga versions ?

  18. GP2x is the obvious choice! =)

  19. @Frank:
    Amiga AGA is planed.

  20. Nintendo DS! Don’t forget us! :P

  21. GP2X all the way, let the PSP scene fry a little… haha. Do you think you can get this thing rolling on the GP32 too at some point?

    Nice going by the way, I’m looking forward to the end of the year now, this will be a great game… platformers never die :-)

  22. PSP please :)

  23. Just had my GP2X repaired, so here’s another one hoping for a 2X release first. :)

  24. GP2X. The PSP has enough software as it is. They can wait a few days or weeks. =P

    Anyway, looking forward to your Dreamcast port :-)

  25. Auf jeden Fall GP2X, aber Dreamcast auch nicht vergessen. :)

  26. GP2x 12 : 6 PSP

    The decisions has been made!

  27. I vote for the gp2x!
    Will there be a gp32 version?

  28. I guess I’m a bit late as it’s already decided, but my vote goes to the GP2X. I have the f100 and f200… Does my vote count twice? :P

  29. you wrote: “..we start to port over to other systems such as Dreamcast, Pandora, Wiz and whatever other platforms we can get our hands on.”
    I wish a excellente Version for the Commodore64.. the scene is still alive!


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