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Gianas Return might go GBA!

Widdy ( ) a smart guy from Bavaria / Germany and member of a bunch of demogroups has started to conduct a study if a GBA version of Giana’s Return would be doable and to all our surprise the chance is pretty high.

He already has a platform engine which is highly adjusted to the GBA hardware so he just needs to push in the Giana’s Return elements and also the appropriated stuff around.

As the GBA is tile wise limited in color, he has to repixel few parts. The music we use for Giana’s Return is .XM, which can’t be handled on a GBA without too much CPU use, BUT am-fm, our new music support guy will rearrange things, so even .MOD’s will sound fine.

Let’s see how this GBA attempt will end!




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  1. GBA rules!

  2. I would love to see a DS version. I would imagine it can handle the game better than GBA would. Lucky for me, though, I can play both GBA homebrew on my DS too. So GBA IS GREAT NEWS! :)

  3. Wow. Giana’s Return on GBA (and DS!)…. – That’s pretty damn cool!


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