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New gfx arrived !

The missing mid-boss arrived earlier this week with 2 new backgrounds (snow and lava worlds). The game became multilingual too (first, english and french).




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  1. Eh? Why not german, too? This game is programmed by german guys or not?

    And I think, multilanguage is not a good idea, when the game has no big stories.

  2. The game is done by a european team not only german (Austria, Germany, UK, Swiss, France, Poland…).
    There will be a story line in this game with a lot of text (you will not have to read all the texts to play, but…).
    Some people don’t read english, and it was just less than one day effort to dev.

    The (french) coder.

  3. nice… you guys include german too, or?

  4. its planed to have the game multilingual including the most common languages such as german, french, englisch, etc…

    as i am still on vacation and on a very crappy inet line which breaks regulary i can not give more information at the moment.

  5. If you guys need a German translator you can contact me…;)
    However nice work til now!

  6. my native language is german so don’t worry i can do that part on my own :)

  7. Italian :) ?

  8. If you can take over that part… then maybe :)

  9. However…:P Do you plan a version for the GP32?

  10. yes


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