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Economical Conflicts?

Everyone knows the Nintendo DS remake will be out soon, so do we. We wrote an E-Mail to our contact person at Spellbound yesterday to get a few answers – but there is no response yet. Basically we will limit ourself to releases on economical dead systems such as Dreamcast, GP32 and similar and to systems with no economical relevance such as the GP2x, Wiz and Pandora.

It’s more than obvious that people wont see Giana’s Return in the near future on the Nintendo DS – you better buy the commercial game and support the development of Spellbound and Bitfield :) Only a minority of the people out there would be able to run a Nintendo DS version anyway, as you need specific hardware for this.

On Yotube we have found a video of the official sequel, which can be seen here: Рyou may compare this to our stuff located here:




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  1. Honestly, this new DS game looks more like a fan-game than Giana’s Return. I think Giana’s Return looks more like a true and faithful sequel. I hope you don’t plan on changing the game’s name and I hope it will be released on Windows, in addition to the other platforms previously announced.

  2. The graphics sure are pretty (I just love that Giana sprite!), and it seems they have a couple of fresh ideas like the bubble gum dispenser.
    There’s also one feature I’d like to adopt in my GBA conversion: The ability to look down if you’re on a higher platform. As I’m also scrolling the screen vertically all the time (the lower resolution requires this), you might not see enemies on lower levels.

    Anyway, really looking forward to this official NDS game.

  3. @ Insidious: my thoughts exactly :)


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