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Motivating our most important men! ;)

Dear “Coder” :)

You are doing a great job at the moment and the team appreciates the time you spend in finetuning things… keep it going and we will rock the “release” party :)

Merci bocu!

@for the rest: guess the nationality of our coder :) – too bad it’s so obvious now :D




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  1. Cher petit codeur, merci de penser à tous les gens qui attendent ce jeu depuis si longtemps et de continuer à bosser dur comme tu dois le faire depuis de nombreux mois.

    Merci encore pour tout le boulot effectué jusqu’alors et bon courage pour le travail restant.

    To all Giana’s return team: keep on working hard on this project. We always believed and still believe in you! ;)

  2. “Coder”, “Coder”, “Coder”, “Coder”, “Coder”, “Coder”, “Coder” (I can’t tell his nickname :D)

  3. Greetings from Hungary! I’ve recently heard about the commercial release of the new Giana Sisters, and was heavily impressed and excited.

    Then after some google, I found Giana’s Return as well, and impressed as well. :)

    Since release date is in weeks I don’t want to ask for changes. My only complaint by the videos I’ve seen are the monsters which behave exactly the same, no difference apart from art. This was the problem in Giana Worlds I played some years ago… some of them should fall from the platform like in the original game and some should need double shot etc.

    But it still looks great, looking forward to a PC release.


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