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We are taking bets!

How long the game will be delayed? The winner will recieve… nothing ;)




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  1. It won’t be delayed at all, it will actually be released tomorrow.

    (..and the prophecy came true and Scott was graced with a Giana Sisters sequel that he can play during jury duty this coming Monday)

  2. My guess is 1 month

  3. Duke Nuk…. I mean Giana Sisters Forever? :)

  4. I can smell the finish line.

  5. I think… Up to 1 month!

  6. Hmm.. Two weeks?

  7. Some days or monts.
    What ever at the end we all get a Great Game!

  8. Let’s 1 month?

    Sagen wir einen Monat?

  9. It’s a shame! once again delayed!
    oops, I’m a bit guilty…

  10. Please give us an idea :)

  11. Indefinitely

  12. 1 day or the cuddly teddy gets the chop

  13. It’s never finished, because projects are always 2 weeks before finishing. As some people in the team aim for perfection, it will always be 2 week s before finishing. So just push out the release!

  14. Hopefully it will be less than one week.

    I’m sure everything is quite done.

    Keep on working hard, guys!

  15. when it´s done …

  16. Well You had a Decent pre-release demo… Looks like its coming great, and unlike some 3D game promised to us 15 Years ago… It will be done! (then again a sequel from a game in the 80s… seems longer) My negativity a side, i guess Summer 09 (or i will hunt you down… jk :P )


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