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Release Date

Well we gave a release date, which we managed to spoil by two weeks already ;) We had some misleading communication with one of our graphics artists, which caused the last tileset for world seven not beeing done till today. This also means there are no levels for world seven yet.

The game already does have 48 levels + 6 boss stages and some of you might think, that this is already more than enough, but the storyline we have requires us to have seven worlds.

Our hopes are that the game is done within the next month, but as we know everyone is having a real life and this usually also delays things a lot, we count with a 99.9% (hence the 0.1%) release around easter 2009.

Sorry for all to keep you waiting – but we are sure you’ll find the game worth it.

On a sidenote we should mention again that we are not associated with anyone releated to the original “The Great Giana Sisters” game and “Giana’s Return” is pure non-commercial fanwork.




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  1. You guys will run out of time. Giana Sisters DS will be released in June 2009, and Return should have been established at least 4-5 months before to be a competitor. The game won’t spawn too big interest in the shadow of the commercial release. Too bad.

  2. I, for one, think it’s going to be worth the wait. Keep up the good work :D

  3. I cannot wait for this to be released! :D

  4. If all the code is done, and it’s just level design I suppose there is chance of a pre-release gp2x demo then? Not even with one level?


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