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We are not commercial geeks!

Let us quote something from our comments, which we feel the urge to answer for:

You guys will run out of time. Giana Sisters DS will be released in June 2009, and Return should have been established at least 4-5 months before to be a competitor. The game won’t spawn too big interest in the shadow of the commercial release. Too bad.

We don’t see us as competitor and specially we do not have any reasons to fight against a commercial release in form of beeing faster. It’s fully legit to the copyright holders of “The Great Giana Sisters” to earn money with their work and we suggest everyone to buy Giana DS once it’s released.

The Giana’s Return Team works on “Giana’s Return” because we love the old classic and we love to create games.  Also to avoid economic conflicts, we wont touch any platform where you can actually buy the commercial game – most of the guys who hope for a platform release on new and heavily commercial active systems, will get probably disappointed anyway – because there simply wont be a public version. We did not work for years to get kicked in the ass by getting a cease and desist letter from a lawyer.

Everyone should see this project “as is”, without commercial interest and without intention to  hurt the upcomming commercial variant. The game is out when it’s done and we wont allow any outside influence on this.




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  1. As a Giana fan, I am uber-excited that we get not one, but two new Giana games! Depending on how well Giana DS sells, we might even be granted with a Giana DS 2. This is an excellent year for Giana fans and I know Giana’s Return will be damn well worth the wait. I’m also excited to learn about the next project you guys will be working on. :)

  2. Gibt es schon eine Entscheidung, ob Gianas Return für PSP erscheint?

  3. I see your intention guys, hope you the best.

  4. Im very Happy that there will be this Sequel,
    and i hope someone makes a Linux port :)

    Ich freu mich aus das Spiel.

  5. Hi,

    just the correct statement. It’s finished when it’s done ;) Can’t await the dreamcast version!!!



  6. HI!

    Glad to see that the Giana project lives!
    I just did some interesting rmx tune from
    the original C=64 sid tune… As a Bachelor
    of Arts in audio recording and edditing i
    offer it for free if needed…

    all the best,


  7. hach, wird das schön! ich freu mich riesig!

    habt ihr eine Maillist, in der man sich eintrage kann, die ihr dann anschreibt, wenn’s soweit ist?

    beste Grüsse, Chriggy


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