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We had to take a difficult decision. Fact is if we go for too many translations, the release date will be drawn back again. So we are going for

* English
* German
* French




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  1. That’s more than enough. I don`t see why anyone would need any language but english anyway in this kind of game.

  2. i’m speaking german but i also thing that english would be good enougth.

    i hope this game will be also released for linux. the best would be a debian package ;)

  3. Wann soll das spiel für die PSP fertig sein ?

  4. Pyramidenkopf: We basically see it the same way, but the mentioned three languages should make a lot of people happy.

    Crazy Fan: We try to produce a Linux version, but there is still some work on the main core left.

    Gerd: Due to respect of the upcomming commercial NDS variant, we probably wont touch PSP yet.

  5. and when come it out for the psp i like the game 1, 2 or three Month ?

  6. Gerd: Propably when the PSP is dead. We simply can not risk a lawsuit.

  7. Lawsuit ? why ?

  8. Gerd: This is not an official version – it’s just “Fanware”. As Giana officially comes to life again in form of the NDS version, we have to be careful what we are doing.

  9. So there’s already a German translator? If so, great!

    Gibt’s jetzt schon einen deutschen Übersetzer? Falls ja, super!

    Falls nein, müsst ihr einen finden!


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