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World 6 completed!

We are happy to announce, that world 6 is completed!

Also all boss dialogues along with the storyline are realized and integreated… things are moving smooth. Let’s see when this “smoothness” will stop again ;)




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  2. Great but i will ist play ^^

  3. What is with teh game GODS i like it too make a remake from BotmapBroser Games ;) on PSP That was a great Projekt ;)) when Gina done and no one make it for the comercial on the PSP ^^

  4. Gut dass es voran geht.Wann gibts neue Screenshots? Der Text: “All screenshots removed as they are out of date. We’ll add new ones soon.” steht da schon ne ganze Weile… ;)

  5. Naja 3 Jahre an einem spiel basteln dauert ja ewig 2010 steht in den news Welt 60 ist fertig bilde rkommen bald ^^

  6. Hey Kojote good to see more news up on this game i havent seen this posted on DCemu or Cant wait to see this game released and good work by the way.


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