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Giana’s Return GP2x Status

While we are waiting for the last tileset graphics for world 7, we try to improve the GP2x version of Giana’s Return.

So far it’s running, but a bit slow… as soon as we solve the problems with the speed issue, we are going to make a new video!

Thanks to f….. and h…. btw :D




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  1. Hi I’ve been wondering, which platforms will you release “Giana’s Return” for? Particularly, will you release it for the Linux & Windows platforms? Or are you focusing on the GP2X, Pandora and what-have-you-not, console platforms?

    I am sorry if my question is redundant, but I’ve always assumed a PC port were to be made.

  2. The game is coded on windows (tested on w2k, xp, w2k3 and vista) but a psp version is working too and now gp2x.
    But due to licensing issues, we won’t be able to release the game on some platforms.
    Exotic platforms (gp2x, wiz, pandora) and dead systems (dreamcast…) become our main target.

  3. So will you release version for PSP or not?

  4. It’s still under discussion

  5. Thanks for the reply :D
    Looks awesome. I thought I had checked up on the replies in this thread, but no. Sorry about the delay in MY response :D

    I am SO psyched about this game…


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