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Ubuntu Linux Giana’s Return

While the project is comming closer and closer to a final shape, we are working on the “Ubuntu Linux” version too.

This makes now the following systems having Giana’s Return running and working: Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP (32-Bit), PSP (Will NOT be released) and GP2x.

Update: To make things more clear, this is what we currently do have and which does run on hardware. If a system is not mentioned here it does not mean that we wont serve it :)




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  1. NO PSP oh no why i like the game say not it comming from a comercial Producer

  2. Ohhhh… No PSP version…. I’m out.

  3. Hi!

    What about the Dreamcast release? Seems you forgot to mention it… O_o

    TIA for the answer.

    Sebnec, worried.

  4. great news!

    i hope the linux version will be released soon. and a dreamcast version would be a dream ;)

  5. PSP not release ??

  6. Thank you so much for the Ubuntu Linux Version!!!

    wohoooooo :)


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