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No public PSP version, why?

It’s very simple – Spellbound and Bitfield are working on an official sequel. Giana’s Return is a fan project with the intention to make fans happy, but Spellbound and Bitfield of course want to make money (and they deserve it) with their official Giana DS game.

Once there is a official DS game and you already have graphics and music, the next logical step is not too far away. Fact is, there is a chance they are going to consider releasing on other platforms. It’s just a guess from us and not something official, so don’t get it wrong.

We are fans of “The Great Giana Sisters” so if we want to see another commercial Giana game, we have to respect the legitime rights of the copyright holders. They should sell their game on whatever active platform they like.

Giana’s Return will stick with old systems, which wont be served with the new commercial part, or with economical uninteresting consoles and handhelds such as the GP32, GP2x, Pandora and Wiz.

We hope everyone will understand this!

Once the PSP becomes obsolete, we can release Giana’s Return without problems. Just a question of time… :)




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  1. :( ok its dead for me too …

  2. Schade das ist…

  3. The PSP is allready dead, so why hesitate ???
    Well Sony doesn’t want to see it, but it’s obvious. There are no good releases anymore. And that’s sad.
    I’d like to have the official version of the new Giana Game on the PSP too. But i doubt it will come.
    Bringing such a great Game NOT to the PSP is a shame.

    Greets gHost


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