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Updated Videos anyone?

Is there demand to have new up to date videos, or should we concentrate getting things done?




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  1. I’d love to see more videos if you guys don’t mind making them. :) How’s the GBA version coming along?

  2. Please focus on release! I think its almost done?

  3. +1 for mort :) I think finishing the game is more important than posting new videos…

  4. Finishing is more important to me as well. Really excited about this game. :)

  5. A finish is better than more videos

  6. I can just agree with the guys above.

  7. Hi,

    show us the Ubuntu-Linux Version please!!!

    thank you so much!!

  8. I wouldn’t mind a video of the current progress, like a ‘teaser’ before the game is out. The current videos are very old so one new video wouldn’t hurt, we would have something to look at while we wait. :-)

  9. @Insidious:
    Before I continue with the GBA version, I have to wait for a finished original version, or at least for *really* finished tilesets and sprites. The process of converting the original graphics is rather painful (e.g. the GBA version is using 16 colour tiles and several subpalettes instead of one global hicolour palette), so I don’t want to do that over and over again, just because a few pixels changed. Most probably also some of the movement patterns and timings have to be adjusted, because of the smaller visible area on the GBA screen.


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