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Back In Action!

Due to a server upgrade some things were going nuts, anyway… the Giana’s Return page is back ;) News to follow…

A big thanks goes to David ( ) for helping out with this issue! Go and visit his page, enjoy his progs! NOW! :D




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  1. Hi! I’m still interested in that “Giana Worlds 2” video I have seen on Youtube. Is that related to Return, or just something else? I don’t remember elevators and keys in this game, but correct if I’m mistaken.

  2. I think it’s a different one made by Rainer Sinsch.

    Maybe this webpage can help you:

  3. So we have 3 Giana games in the waiting? Wow, this must be a golden year for the fans. :)

  4. Giana Worlds 2 is indeed a project by Rainer.


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