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Wieso das Rad neu erfinden?

This is the title of an interview recently conducted with Armin Gessert. It’s in german language and even Giana’s Return is mentioned :)

Happy reading:

Thanks to kedo ( ) for the hint.




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  1. So I played the first 2 worlds of Giana Sisters DS and so far it’s pretty cool. The music is great, the graphics are nice. The sound effects kinda bug me though, because it sounds like I’m playing Rayman or Spyro the Dragon.

    I’m also disappointed that the game is extremely easy. Where is the challenge of the original Giana Sisters? I’m not too impressed with the Punk Giana sprite either. Why does she become an emo brunette that looks like a boy? lol… And where are the boss battles?

    Anyway, overall I am liking it though. It’s worth a purchase for sure, because if we all buy it then we might get a sequel that could be even better! Plus, it’s a great way to spend the time that we are waiting for Giana’s Return! :)

  2. Ahh correction, she becomes a red head. :P
    Anyway I’ve been playing more and the difficulty does increase as you progress on, so I’m liking it a lot more!

  3. And there are boss fights. ^_^

  4. The guys from Spellbound rock. When asked if they ever saw their copyrights violated by Gianas Return they just answered that they never felt their copyrights were violated and that they only contacted the makers of GR to motivate them. My deepest respect and kudos to Spellbound for that attitude.

  5. IMHO they will rock, if they bring it to the PSP aswell.


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