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Giana’s Return Trailer




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  1. Sehr schön, ich kann es kaum noch erwarten.

    Ich weiß, eine DS Version wird es erstmal nicht geben, wie sieht es mit einer Wii Version aus?

  2. Schlecht. Auf neuere Konsolen werden wir es (noch) nicht veröffentlichen. Aber schön wär’s…

  3. Good job… looks great (not just the video, also the game). Can’t wait :D

  4. :D
    Great trailer, awesome music.
    All Giana fans should buy the DS game, it looks great and they deserve your money.

    2009 is a really great year.. Not one but TWO new Giana games, can it get any better? :D

  5. This is epic. :) I’m really excited. I can tell you guys really nailed the core gameplay and this definitely looks like a sequel we could’ve had in the past if Nintendo hadn’t messed things up back then.
    What’s next? Hard N Heavy 2? :)

  6. Sieht echt lecker us! Freue mich schon sehr darauf!
    Ich hoffe nur es ist bald einmal soweit! :-)

  7. I just hope that the eye monsters, when stepped on, takes the cute out of Giana Sisters.

    The DS version does that :(

  8. Speaking of Giana Sisters DS, it has all 32 levels from the original Giana Sisters unlockable. Friggin’ amazing game, I loved it. It started out a little too easy and had to grow on me, but it really took off and was every bit worthy of being a sequel. The soundtrack is great, I’d love to get a hold of it on mp3. Someone else had said that if Giana Sisters is Super Mario Bros, then Giana DS is Super Mario Bros. 3 in terms of quality.
    It has over 100 levels if you count the original game’s 32 levels.

    I remember people were concerned that Giana’s Return would have too many levels. Oh no! The more levels the merrier. I am so excited for Giana’s Return! I hope that GBA version gets made so I can bring it with me on-the-go.

  9. Looks very good, can’t wait to play this game.
    Keep on the good work!

  10. This looks awsome, nothing less, cant wait to see the game.

  11. Oh, cool the song’s final part C=64 & real electric guitar sounds fusion! :-)

    Great the Giana Sisters!

  12. or my acekard 2i on DSi?

  13. there will be no nds release…

  14. but gba yes? :)

  15. Looks Great but we all still love the old one from C64 to. I see forward to play this I’m a Jump’n run Lover.


  16. Nice work!

  17. Ja, auf welchen Systemen soll es denn überhaupt erscheinen und wo wird man es kaufen können?

  18. When can I play this on my PC ?? :)

  19. I think never…

  20. Any approximately Release Date? Please! Will it be soon?
    Really can’t wait! I hope one of you can write back here!

  21. My guess is sometime between now and christmas, but actually i have no idea. Its been in the making a few years, so who knows.

  22. To answer a few questions:

    @ZeroUser: Our personal guess is maximum two months if nothing comes in our way again.
    @Night_Creature: We don’t know if we will release a Windows version yet, tho it already exists.
    @Andres: You won’t be able to buy this game. This is what we hope :) Buying Freeware is a BAD BAD BAD idea! We’ve already been discussion the release platforms many times, so we wont repeat.
    @Insidious: GBA is possible, yes.

  23. Keine Windows Version? Die hattet Ihr aber für später versprochen. :(

  24. Why you don´t release the Windows version first!?
    This makes a lot of people Happy!
    Me too

  25. @Giana-Return Team
    Hoffe es klappt bis in 2 Monaten! Denn wie heisst es so schön, “Geduld ist eine Tugend!” ;-) Wäre aber gut wenns klappt, somit könnte man das Sommerloch gut überdauern!

    PS: Ach ne, bitte bitte released gleichzeitig auch die Windows Version! Ihr würdet sehr vielen Leuten die ich kenne (und sicher auch genügende die ich nicht kenne) eine grosse Freude machen! Denn soo viele haben denn GP2x nicht! Bin zwar ein glücklicher Besitzer davon, würde aber auch lieber eine Windows Variante begrüssen!


  26. Is this game the same as the one on the DS? I was looking at that one on youtube and it looks pretty good and the reviewer seemed to really like it. I hope it’s good, we have been waiting for it forever.

  27. Bernd: Ja, später! Das Problem liegt daran, dass es bei Windows 1000 Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten gibt und dies in Unterschiedliche Fehlerquellen resultieren kann. Eine Windows-Version muss viel besser vorbereitet werden, als für eine Console, wo jede Hardware identisch ist.
    ZeroUser: Wir sind momentan sehr gut im Zeitplan :) Mal sehen wie sich alles entwickelt…
    christo930: “Giana Sisters DS” is the official commercial sequel, while “Giana’s Return” is an inofficial freeware sequel. And we agree… there has been way too much delay :)

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  29. Will there ever be a GBA-Version?

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