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Warp Zones?!

A questions to you guys out there. One world has 8 levels, how many “Warp Zones” would you suggest per world?

Our Level-Designer is currently playing with the thought to have a WZ level leading to another WZ level – So if you could find ALL WZ’s you’ll have a pretty much “Speedrun” game.

Other than that, two WZ’ would be enough per world?

We don’t want to have it too easy after all… :)




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  1. Hmm, good question. Original has imho 8 Warp Blocks in 33 Levels. Correct me if I’m mistaken. Thus statistically approx. every 4 Level is Warp Block.


    So in 8 Levels 2 Warp Blocks seems okay…



  2. Hello, two sounds to be okay, but maybe it will be good idea to ‘cross’ Warp levels like: 3->6,4->7. You can add Warp to Previous Level (8->4). It will be good for hiting more and more points:)

  3. Why have warp zones?

    Isn’t that waist of developers effort to let the player skip content that have taken ages to finish and made as good as possible?

    If I hit a warp zone, I would restart the game, and make sure I didn’t hit it again.

  4. Original Giana Sisters had eight warp zones, included in stage 03, 06, 08, 17, 19, 22, 25 and 28. All warped three levels.

    Giana DS has only two warp zones, included in 4-3 and 6-7, but they warped into secret levels.

    I think the latter is smarter, because it’s bad to skip levels, but playing bonus levels are always thrilling.

  5. @blizz
    Yes, warp zones to secrets are perfect.

    Or it would be exceeding cool, if the warp zone took you back to places at previous levels that wasn’t reachable the first time.


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