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We have some “spare time” left. The main work is now on the coders back and will take some time. So the project organizer is having time for one thing, which we basically had dropped already:

We are looking for translators for anything else beside german, french and english!

Keep in mind:
You will be credited for your translation so if your grammar sucks everyone will know whom to blame.
It’s only possible to use A-Z, we do not have special character support.
Top on our wish list is spanish!

Please reply back here, with your CORRECT eMail adress – so we can get back in touch with you.

Also it would be of advantage if you are native speaker and if you don’t have a problem, that a second native speaker is checking your work.





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  1. Need Polish translation? No problem:)

  2. I would like to apply for the Spanish translation. I’ve included my e-mail address in the field above, please get back in touch!

  3. I wouldn’t mind translating the game to danish, but we have special characters, so I guess that’s out of the question.

  4. Need it translated to Croatian ? I`m your man !
    I also have a friend that`s english & croatian teacher & who`ll hopefully help out :-)
    Contact me !

  5. Hungarian translation can be done. We have special characters with accent, but translation can be done without using them.

  6. The game could be in swedish too, but we have å, ä , ö, and we are usually friendly with games in english, so, there´s no need to translaite it to swedish.

  7. How can you have a French translation with only a-z? That’s impossible. and the same goes for Spanish and almost all other languages that English.

  8. Les messages étant écrits en lettres majuscules, il n’y a pas de problème pour le français. ;)

  9. I could do a Dutch translation, if you want one.

  10. Deutsch ohne ÄÖÜ? AE, UE, OE sehen hässlich aus :)

  11. I’m interrested as well in writing a Dutch translation.

  12. How about a translation to l33t h4x0r? ;)

    Just kidding….

  13. Hi ! I can do the German translation. No problem!
    It would be a pleasure! :-)

  14. Most of the team members are german (or similar), but thanx

  15. I’m also interested in translating it to Polish.

    Would you like to have someone to help you? ;)

  16. Hi, if you have not already found it, I can translate in French if you want!


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