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Giana’s Return goes Wikipedia!

We had some time on our hands to make a small article about Giana’s Return on Wikipedia.

You may check it out here:




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  1. The dreamcast version was not mentioned in the article on wikipedia!

    Is this game going to be ported on the Dreamcast?

  2. a dreamcast version would be a dream ;)

  3. Will this ever be released? It’s been a very, very long time. Is there any release date? I know it was going to be released at Xmas 08, and now it’s 5/09. Come on, hurry up!

  4. shametblame: we try to get the game done for dreamcast too. maturion, a german developer, showed interest severall times, so there is a pretty high chance he will be in charge for the dreamcast version.
    christo930: as this is a hobby/fan project, things usually take longer than they should, but we are getting closer every day :)

  5. The article has been deleted by an authors request!!! :(

  6. what happend with this article?
    is it deleted by a giana-return team user or by a wikipedia user which isn’t a member of the gianas return team?

  7. Someone of the Wikipedia moderators were annoying, we will set up our own wiki now.

  8. I secured the Text from that Article.
    If some one needs it, mail ;)

  9. hey, I would be interested in the article’s text (for Dreamcast-Scene and Wiki).

    If you could send it to me it would be great! My email is my nickname at – thanks!

  10. Hi

    Could you send me the text of the article to this temporary address?



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